Tom Kalb

We’ve been coming to BI each summer since the mid-90’s, and extended that to the shoulders as time goes by.  Pre-dawn stripers started things, but the way the early morning light merges sea with land competes for my attention and I often bring on the kayak an old clunky film SLR with a 50mm lens and wait for minor inspiration.  Colors are muted as my eyes adjust, so mostly black and white to match the instant. If I have to put a name to it, I would say that my eye/frame is drawn to the edges where you have to work a bit to absorb the image.

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  • redhouse facade 2

  • clayhead arabesque

  • cornneck barn 2

  • mast halyard

  • humpback ventral

  • old harbor pier 2

  • clayhead myth

  • keyboard 2