Robin Bell

My interest in reflections, light and blocks of color began while photographing antique houses on the north end of the island, where I’ve lived as a part-time resident for nearly 20 years. The houses, some over a century old, still have windows of hand blown glass that fill with wavy reflections from inside and out. Other surfaces reflect the same way—the ocean, a blackboard in a farm store, they all throw light as if off of old glass.

I print my own work on archival paper that is made entirely of cotton. This allows me to control the print in order to get the intense colors I want. I can also pull out very fine detail, showing cracks and seams, old paint, cracked wood piers, the grain of rock. Then I contrast color against the rough detail, pull it all together and show lovely fragments of Block Island.

Robin Bell

  • Dusk Window

  • Farm Bell

  • Fish Shack Tools

  • Red Shingle Farmhouse

  • Fish Shack

  • Three Piers-Low Tide

  • Shadow-Farm Bench

  • Ebb Tide morning

  • Early Tide-Harbor

  • West Beach sunset