Lisa Sprague

Blue Moon Creations is the alter-ego of Lisa Sprague. Lisa is a year-round resident of Block Island. She has been a waitress, a lifeguard, a health and physical education teacher, an EMT, and a public safety dispatcher (sometimes all at the same time).

In her current metamorphosis, she has allowed the beauty of the world (primarily the island) to infiltrate her soul. Participation in the Block Island Poetry Project awakened a creative avenue that had never been indulged until recent years. She is an active participant in a paperless song circle, a drum circle, a ukulele quartet, poetry workshops, and photography.

Lisa's photos represent a visceral reaction - she shoots from the heart and the gut. All of the pictures are true, there are no adjustments - they are presented as they were intended to be. She feels that she is just a conduit for an intention of something greater - the photos find her and, at times, she is astonished at what comes out of the camera.

Lisa Sprague

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