Kathy Mulshine~ Guest Artist

Block Island deeply inspires me in every way…it has been my number one subject all my life to make art. I dreamed of living here year round ~ which I have now since 2011.

Living on the island year round surrounded by the ocean, I am in awe of the ever changing colors, light and movement on the water, land and in the sky. It is fascinating how from second to second it is never the same…it acts out what the air, wind, sun and moon are directing it to do and they all work together putting on a stunning show for us to watch.

I have been compelled to be creative since I can ever remember and throughout my life I have worked with many areas - paint, photography, collage, crafts, interior design and film production design.

I have a BFA from Ohio Wesleyan and MAE from College of New Rochelle. I was an original member of the Barn in the 80’s which is now Spring St Gallery! I’ve shown here and in Connecticut and California over the years.

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