Amy Ryan~ Guest Artist

Born in 1962 in New Haven, Connecticut I attended Paier College of Art where I studied graphic design, illustration, fine art and photography.  I have been an artist all my life, always seeing beauty where it might have been missed by someone else's eye.

I have experimented with chalk, crayon, brush, pencil, ink, clay and more. Oil paint became my favorite and that is what I use for my paintings today. I have always had a creative mind and see interesting forms and patterns in everything around me.  Shapes and colors jump out at me from ordinary scenes turning them into paintings in my mind.

My paintings are inspired by simple beauty of light and shadow and enhanced by the way I look at things.
Block Island has always held a very special place in my heart ever since my very first trip with my family back in 1975 and I have returned every summer. Many of my paintings are inspired by my time spent on the island. It is my very favorite place to paint!

After years of adventures and journeys, I now live together with my two dogs in Rhode Island, where I continue to paint, to draw and always to imagine.

Amy Ryan

  • Julias Sea

  • Beach Painting

  • Spring House